Your proposals. How you want them. It's our software but these are your proposals. Your company colours, your logo, your fonts, your brand, your domain.

Hello, designers
Don't worry, you'll have a code editor and can customise things to your heart's content.
First impressions are everything They say don't judge a book by its cover but we all do it. Covers make sure that your clients get an unrivalled first impression.

Showcase your work and your brand in the best possible way.

Every template comes with a cover
Don't let that stop you creating your own.
They take seconds and it's great to personalise it for your client so easily
Preview on the fly When writing your proposal, adding images and other content, you see exactly how your client will see it with Preview-as-you-go.

No guessing how it'll turn out once you send it or flipping back and forth.

If it looks right, it is right.

Just write
You'll never find yourself worrying about spacing, sizing etc. Just write.
Embed videos right into your proposals Using video in your proposal is proven to command more attention than just the written word.

Embed any video from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia.

More engagement
You want to get your point across as well as the price. Video is a perfect way of doing this.
Save hours with Templates You save yourself time by creating your proposals from a template using Word, Pages or InDesign. Better Proposals works in the exact same way, just without the headache.

Reusable templates save you hours when writing your proposals by using the built-in 'Save as' feature.

Ready to use out the box
All the templates in our Marketplace have won business.
You can use them for inspiration or as they are.
Get your proposals signed online Speed up your sales process by including your contract in your proposal and allowing them to sign it online.

No longer do your clients have to print, sign, scan and email back your agreements.

Digital Signatures are faster, more secure and perfectly legal.

Tested in Small Claims Court
Our digital signature technology was tested by us in 2011 in Small Claims Court. It works a treat.
Notified when anything happens with your proposal Knowing when your proposal has been opened and being able to follow up at the right time can be the difference between winning a job or losing it.

Better Proposals tells you every time your proposal is opened, forwarded, printed or signed.

It's just nice to know
Sometimes, it's just nice to know what's going on and these notifications tell you.
Get a deeper understanding Boasting the most in-depth analytics in the industry.

Know exactly how many seconds each page of your proposal has been read for and in what order. Also know which pages have been printed and each time your proposal is forwarded to a colleague.

Continually improve
This gives you the chance to continually improve your proposals.
Take out the bits people aren't reading and put more in that they are.
Manage your sales pipeline more effectively How much is in your pipeline? How much recurring revenue? All of this is right there for you when you log in.

Keeping track of what deals you have going on will tell you what you need to chase and when.

Be a smarter business
Keeping track of your deals is smart. It allows you to plan for the future.
Looks incredible on any device With devices coming in all shapes and sizes, 4inch phones to 27inch HD screens, expecting your clients to pinch and zoom their way through your proposal is unrealistic.

With Better Proposals, your proposal will look perfect no matter what device it's viewed on.

Be considerate
Sending big PDF files to your client's phone when they might not even have good signal is inconsiderate.
A nice web link though? Perfect.

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