First impressions are everything They say don't judge a book by its cover but we all do it. Covers make sure that your clients get an unrivalled first impression.

Showcase your work and your brand in the best possible way.
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Preview on the fly When writing your proposal, adding images and other content, you see exactly how your client will see it with Preview-as-you-go.

No guessing how it'll turn out once you send it or flipping back and forth.

If it looks right, it is right.
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Just some of the features of our famously easy to use editor

Automatic Formatting
Never worry about spacing again, default spacing and sizing mean you can just write.

Insert images full width, as part of your text or neatly wrapping around your text for variety.

Command more attention in your proposals by embedding video from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia.

Feature Blocks
Liven up your proposals by using coloured blocks with text to break up a page.

Pricing Tables
Simple pricing tables - just put in your products and pricing and everything else is calculated for you.

Want to customise your proposal further? The HTML code editor lets your creative juices run wild.

Never lose your work. Whenever you click away or are typing, your work is being saved in the background.

100% Customisable Templates
Use our templates, build your own or do a mix of both. Every template is 100% customisable.

Merge Tags
Pull in client specific information like the company name which reduces the chance of mistakes.
Content Library
Save your best bits of content to the Content Library.
Then build your proposal or template by adding content from your Content Library with 1 click.

Get Paid Faster with Instant Payments
Integrate your Stripe account to immediately take a payment after your client has signed.
They say 'strike while the iron is hot'. There's no better time to ask for the payment than seconds after they've signed your proposal.

Get your proposals signed online Speed up your sales process by including your contract in your proposal and allowing them to sign it online.

No longer do your clients have to print, sign, scan and email back your agreements.

Digital Signatures are faster, more secure and perfectly legal.
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Customers in 150+ Countries and
Available in 22 Languages
Better Proposals is available in 22 languages and allows you full use of your home currency and tax system.
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Instant Notifications and Analytics that show you exactly what your client did

Boasting the most in-depth analytics in the industry.

Know exactly how many seconds each page of your proposal has been read for and in what order. Also know which pages have been printed and each time your proposal is forwarded to a colleague.

Knowing when your proposal has been opened and being able to follow up at the right time can be the difference between winning a job or losing it.

Better Proposals tells you every time your proposal is opened, forwarded, printed or signed.
Manage your sales pipeline more effectively How much is in your pipeline? How much recurring revenue? All of this is right there for you when you log in.

Keeping track of what deals you have going on will tell you what you need to chase and when.
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Ready-to-use Templates If you have your own tried and tested proposal template sorted then great. All you need to do is copy it into Better Proposals.

If you don’t, you’ll love this. Over 40+ proposal templates for a huge variety of services in the digital space. They are all 100% customisable and ready for use. It’s worth pointing out that these templates have generated over $120,000,000 for our users so far.

Just some of the proposal templates available in the Marketplace Website Design Wordpress Ecommerce Website Maintenance Marketing Social Media Marketing Facebook Ads Google Adwords Marketing Funnels Copywriting Email Marketing Content Marketing Conversion Rate Optimisation SEO Marketing Automation Business Consulting Marketing Consulting Social Media Consulting CRM Consulting Landing Page Design Brand Design Business Coaching Virtual Assistant Video Production Wedding Photography Photography Software Development iPhone App Android App Architecture Interior Design Estate Agent Real Estate ... and many more
Live Chat Integrations
Continue the conversation with your clients while they're reading your proposal.
It's the closest thing to being face to face with them in a meeting.

Just some of our live chat partners
6 Ways to use Better Proposals Sending proposals isn't the only thing you can do.


Increase your chances of winning the job by sending world-class proposals.


Reduce scope creep by getting your designs and projects signed off in stages.


Nail down exactly what you're going to work on to prevent scope creep.


There's no need to have another system for contracts. Do it in Better Proposals.


The perfect response to "send us some info" - A beautiful online brochure.


Keep your clients in the loop with financial or marketing reports.
CRM Integrations No copy and pasting from your CRM to Better Proposals. Integrate your favourite CRM into Better Proposals and live search your contacts when choosing who to send to.

Don’t integrate with the CRM you use? Let us know and we’ll get it on the list.
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Your clients can read your proposal however they want
Why assume your client wants to read their proposal in a certain way. Give them the choice. Maybe they want to read your proposal on a train on their iPad, sitting in a park on their phone, in the garden having printed it out or at their desk on their laptop. No matter how your client wants to read (and hopefully sign) your proposal, we've got you covered.
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Start Sending World-Class Proposals

Your proposals are the most important documents in your business. It's the one thing that can change your profits for the better. You owe it to yourself to give it 5 minutes.
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