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A great game deserves a great story

Dear {{first_name}},

Thank you for contacting us and for considering Your company name  for your narrative designers.
We are very excited for this opportunity and ready to provide context, emotion, and drama to your game. 


As we discussed during our meeting, you have parts of a previously written story that does not seem to be working. 

We will further discuss if you want us to start from the beginning or just move the story in a different direction, but here is our overall plan for making it work: 

•    Edit and polish your existing content
•    Finish the game writing
•    Create a narrative design
•    Level up your existing script
•    Consulting and support 
•    Education and training

We are a group of narrative designers and story writers. We understand that a player is there to play, not to listen. Therefore, we are not writers who think like writers. We are writers who think in actions while integrating a story experience into a fun and fulfilling game.

Our narrative vision

Game narrative designers play an important role in driving plot and storyline. 

Our job is to draw the player into the story, by working on the dialogue, atmosphere, and more. Gameplay comes first, but the narrative has it's back. So here is what we got planned:

Creating a vision  

As we discussed, the first thing we would like to do is communicate our narrative vision across the internal departments. If it receives positive feedback, we will share it with the external brand partners. 

Brainstorming the ideas

Narrative designers and game writers can do a lot of work on their own... but not all of it. We prefer to brainstorm with different departments in order to come up with useful ideas to make the most out of our storytelling. 

Structuring the outlines

We will create character-driven scenes, dialogues, and marketing materials that will contribute to and innovate your game developing process. 


...and then more writing. It is easy to learn how to use a program, tool, or an engine. It is much harder to learn how to write. As game writers and narrative designers both, it is the skill that matters to us the most. 

Plan of action

After you sign this proposal, our team will schedule a follow-up call to agree on the best meeting time so we can start making our plans a reality.

The schedule would be as follows:  

First step - Deciding on what type of game would you like it to be

Second step - Outlining everything that will happen

Third step - Building the game world

Fourth step - Building the characters 

Final step - Start writing

From our portfolio

We all know the players focus mostly on gameplay, but they also critique a broad range of other game aspects
During the course of a video game review, our client, ABC Games found that his reviewers stated the narrative was lagging behind the other aspects of the game.
They contacted us to help them resolve the issue. 

The solution and the outcome

Since a high review score is important for generating sales, it was crucial for developers to understand which factors ultimately drive it. It takes more than a great writer to bring a story to life. It is necessary for the whole team to get together. For that reason, we started our job by actually joining Evan and his team in their office. 

It was important that designers, artists, animators, engineers, and others work together in bringing this story to life. 

We helped them bring the best of their work out on the paper, and finally, on the computer screen. 

A few words from Evan

“Your company name can really take the most basic ingredients and build a complex narrative out of it. They helped us tearing down our story and re-building it back into something amazing. I can't recommend them enough."

- Evan | ABC Games

A unique perspective on game developing

Hiring a narrative designer or a game writer is the best cost-effective way to improve the overall quality of your game. 

Our services are usually charged per hour. Right now, for an hour of creative work, we are charging $25.00. If you would like to work with us full time for an entire month, different fees may apply.

Narrative design and game writing
         For our services, we charge $25.00 per hour
@ £25.00
£1,250 /month
Monthly Total

"I don't think there is anything these guys don't know about narrative design and game writing. As a part of the developing team, I can absolutely say we have been more than happy to work with Your company name "               
                                                                                               - Alex | XYZ Games

Let's move forward together

Hiring a writer who doesn't play games can lead to a narrative disaster.

To make sure the writing work will actually serve the gameplay, hire the team that speaks the game language. 

Sign below

To make the following steps as simple as possible: 

Step One - Simply type your name in the box below and click “Sign Proposal”.

Step Two - We will send you an invoice for a 30% deposit.

Step Three - We will schedule a meeting to finalize the plans. 

We can’t wait to get started! 

I, Jane Doe, agree to the terms of this agreement and I agree that my typed name below can be used as a digital representation of my signature to that fact.
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Terms and conditions

USER DISCLAIMER (Please Delete): This agreement may not be suitable for your circumstances and we recommend you seek legal advice before using it. Better Proposals does not take any responsibility for any events that arise as a result of your use of this agreement.

The following terms & conditions apply to all projects where Your company name  provided you with a fixed price for the work to be undertaken. For contract roles (direct or through agencies), a contract must be drafted for that specific job. In most cases, agencies have their own contracts in place. If your organization does not have a standard agreement for contractors, we can work together to create one based on previous contracts we have used.

For narrative (fixed price) and game writing author jobs and consulting jobs:

  1. Your company name  will produce copy to meet the requirements of your brief.
  2. If a fixed price has been offered, the quoted price is for one draft and one edit. If further amendments are required, an additional fee may be charged (depending on the amount of work involved).

  3. If you change your brief mid-project, additional fees may be charged.

  4. When your payment has cleared, you own the copy. You can use it in as much material as you choose.

  5. The copy produced by Your company name  is original and not copied from other sources. However, it is your responsibility to ensure the copy does not infringe upon existing copyrights.

  6. During the project, Your company name  may need to contact you or your team for information. Where practical, all questions will be asked via email so that there is a permanent record of your answers for reference. For this reason, you need to be available to reply to Your company name. Your company name  cannot be held responsible for missing a deadline if you have not responded to requests for information.

  7. Your company name  requires 30% payment upfront. (This upfront fee may be waived for the long term, trusted clients).

  8. Payment is due, in full, within 30 days of invoice. This is in keeping with the default amount of payment notice used in courts. If you require a longer time-span for payment, this may be arranged but only prior to the start of your project. Failure to pay may result in legal proceedings, with costs and interest added to the amount owed.

  9. Your company name  accepts payment via cheque, BACS and credit, and debit card via PayPal. If you intend to pay via PayPal, you must inform Your company name  prior to the invoice as an additional charge of 3.5% will be added to your bill (due to PayPal charges).

  10. Asking Your company name  to proceed with the project is regarded as your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


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