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MAKE your dream home


A Start-to-Finish Solution

Thank you for the opportunity to submit a proposal to design your new home.

This proposal sets out our scenario to build a phenomenal home on the building plot you have already secured.

This includes obtaining all the relevant local authority planning consents and dealing with the building regulations departments in conjunction with the chosen builder.

Focus on style

At ABC Architects we design homes that truly put the 'style' in lifestyle.

At our recent meeting, you outlined what you’re looking for in terms of both your architect and the needs of your new home:


  • Experience in contemporary open living, light-filled homes.
  • Close contact with the client at every step of the design process
  • Be able to recommend suitable builders for the design
  • Willingness to attend site visits during the build at least once a week.


  • Roof garden
  • Triple garage
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Lift
  • Extensive use of glass, polished concrete and Muhuhu wood
  • Solar panels
  • Wine cellar
  • Gym
  • Cinema


You, as our client, will be involved in all the key decisions at every
single stage to ensure you receive the home you have been dreaming of.

But not just a home of fantasy, but a dream dwelling to surpass your high expectations and take you decades into the future.

Detailed Specification

You have provided a plot land of approximately half an acre.

The home on the plot will be approximately 1,000 sqm and be set out
over 3 floors with a basement wine cellar.


Roof Garden/Terrace

  • Able to seat 12 people at a dining table with outdoor heaters.
  • Permanent hard retractable roof/cover (for wet weather use).
  • Dumbwaiter to service the kitchen.
  • Space for sofas and watering system for plants.

Triple Garage

  • 3 x Car Garage for vehicle widths of at least 5m.
  • Internal door leading into the house.  

Indoor Swimming Pool

  • 20m x 10m pool with a depth of 1m shelving to 2m.
  • Steam room
  • 4 x Small changing rooms for guests,
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sun-lounger/relax area.

Internal Elevator

  • 6 person lift from ground floor to 2nd floor. 
  • Non-obtrusive

Wine Cellar

  • Temperature controlled
  • Needs to accommodate 600 bottles

We will work with you on the details
to ensure a beautiful finish.

The Process and Timescales  

We work simple and smart; delivering a 'full service' approach.

Below you can find the principal stages of work to deliver your dream home from start to finish. (Related RIBA work stage in brackets)

STAGE 1 (RIBA stages A,B,C & D)

Pre Stage 1: a measured survey of the site or existing building.

Stage 1A: 

Ideas Plan/Feasibility Study An initial design proposal for discussion and a follow-up meeting.

Stage 1B: 

Discussion and any amendments to the initial design in addition to preparation of drawings for submission for Full Planning Permission and Listed Building/Conservation Area consent (if required).

Our fee includes for one application of each. 

STAGE 2 (RIBA stage E)

Design and production of general arrangement construction drawings
and accompanying specification notes for submission
to LA (local authority) for Building Regulations ‘Full Plans’ approval.

STAGE 3 (RIBA stage F,G & H)

Production information – e.g window, roof, ground construction details, electrical /plumbing/heating layout, kitchen/ bathroom layouts.

Co-ordination of information from specialist suppliers/subcontractors, structural/mechanical consultants.

Preparation of specifications/schedules for tendering or negotiating
with the selected builder. 

STAGE 4 (RIBA stages J, K & L)

The building contract on site.

We will visit the site on a regular basis – usually fortnightly, to check on progress and to answer queries from the builder up to ‘practical completion’.

We can also supply any additional information as required by the builder.

You would make payments to the builder as set out in the terms
of the contract between yourself and the builder. 

'When Tom Met Heather'
DELIVERING A Movie Style Home

Tom and his wife Heather had always dreamed of owning/living
in one of the 'Hollywood' style homes, they saw on their work in film.

Thanks to hard work, they were finally ready to invest and came to us to help turn their vision into reality.

crafting the concept

ABC architects worked closely with Tom and Heather; building in contemporary features whilst keeping the opulent luxury they wanted
to emulate. They were involved at every stage.


By combining their vision, our experience in design and a carefully selected construction firm, we were able to conceive and execute a spectacular home that not only met their very specific needs but far surpassed them. It's a piece of pure movie magic.

A few words from tom and heather 

 "We can't thank ABC Architects enough for their hard work and efforts in bringing our dream home to life.
It's more than we could have ever imagined and we couldn't recommend their services more."

Tom and Heather Smith

It's not a fee, it's an investment

Like our design, we like to keep our pricing flexible, elegant and simple.

PRICING Breakdown

Stage 1 is a lump sum as laid out below and detailed
in the 'Process and Timescales' page.
Fee payable in full prior to submission of drawings to the local authority.

Stages 2 & 3 are usually a percentage fee which can be estimated once a design has been decided on. Fee payable monthly pro rata, to be paid in full prior to submission to the local authority.

Stage 4 is usually charged on a time basis.
VAT and expenses such as travelling and printing and unusual postage expenses are added to our fee. Fee payable monthly pro rata, to be paid
in full prior to sending documents out for builders or QS to price.

The standard Stage 4  fee does not include for  ‘contract administration’
or an ‘architect’s certificate’.
If you wish us to act as ‘contract administrators’ or you want an ‘architect’s certificate’ at practical completion, this is an additional service.
You will need to let us know at the outset in order that a fee can be agreed and to agree our involvement at Stage 2 and 3.

Stage 1 Fee
Initial design proposal for discussion, and subsequent preparation of drawings. 
Includes one application for Full Planning Permission
One-off Total

Remember; we're a little different from the others...

“Working with ABC Architects made what should have been a crazy stressful time and actually made it incredibly fun. They were available, helpful and had patience with us. Above all else, they designed and delivered the house we wanted. So pleased to have chosen them.

Mr and Mrs Thompson

A personal GuaranteE

We believe so much in our services and ability to deliver your dream home, that we actually write out a very simple, straight-forward guarantee to each and every customer, personally.

Our promise to you

  • We will respond within a certain timeframe
  • We will listen and respect your requests; it's your home!
  • We will always be honest and uphold professional standards
  • We will adhere to all industry standards/guidelines

Let's get started

We’d love to get started and have you onboard as a client but before we can, we need you to read over our terms and sign this proposal.

Luckily, as with everything in our business, we've kept things simple.


  1. Type your name in the box below and click ‘Sign Proposal’.
  2. We’ll invoice you 50% of the Stage 1 fee. Pay this the second you get it.
  3. We’ll have a call to get the detailed spec nailed down for the first set of drawings.

We can’t wait to start getting results for you as quick as possible to reiterate that you made the right decision.

[your name]
[your position]

I, Jane Doe, agree to the terms of this agreement and I agree that my typed name below can be used as a digital representation of my signature to that fact.
  • To accept, type your name below
  • To accept, draw and type your name below
    Type your name

Terms and Conditions

The terms of our engagement are based on the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Standard Conditions of Engagement (RIBA 0207 580 5533). Our VAT registration number is ___________


Payment is due within 14 days of the invoice issue date.  We require payment for each stage before starting on the next. If payment is not received by the due date, interest will be charged on the outstanding amount at 2.5% per month above Bank of England base lending rate and our services may be suspended then determined after due notice, as set out by the RIBA Conditions of Engagement. If a payment is received late (>14 days) we will require payment in advance for any further work.

Percentage based fees will be reassessed at each stage in line with the current value of the building work and/or will be adjusted once the actual value of the work designed and specified is known. 
If we have estimated a lump sum fee for an agreed project, this may increase if the project changes in scope or size, or if alterations are requested to previously agreed or approved drawings, or if negotiations/discussions become unusually protracted, or due to inflation or rising building costs.  Reliable estimates of building costs can only be obtained from Stage 3 detailed design drawings and specifications. Unless agreed otherwise our quoted percentage fee is based on the value of the works carried out on a supply and fix basis by a reputable contractor. Cost advice can be obtained from a quantity surveyor(QS) who will charge a separate fee – see below.

Stage 4 is generally charged on a time basis. If a lump sum fee is agreed this assumes fortnightly site visits for the duration of the building contract up to Practical Completion only, 2 visits at or after Practical Completion, and 1 at the end of the Defects Period to check snagging, unless agreed otherwise. Please note the fees for Stage 4 can add up to more than 25% of the overall fee especially if the contract overruns. Be aware that making changes to the design and/or specification during the contract period can have serious cost implications, and is likely to delay the completion date which in itself will increase costs.

Our drawings and specifications should not be used for construction unless or until they have specifically been issued for this purpose by us. In particular, Stage 1 & 2 drawings are intended for Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval purposes only. Electronic copies of drawings will be issued in PDF format only. We accept no responsibility for building components, fixtures or fittings, their fitness for purpose is the responsibility of the manufacturer or supplier, in particular, natural materials such as timber which is prone to move, warp, distort, change colour, or for any materials exposed to unusual or extreme conditions such as coastal locations. There is no such thing as zero maintenance, all buildings require a regular maintenance programme.

Where work is carried out to existing buildings we cannot guarantee the existing structure is sound or that it can be made damp proof. We also cannot be held responsible for identifying or making allowances for concealed or underground elements

e.g. the location of the existing mains services, underground springs etc.

We charge an additional fee at our standard hourly rate unless agreed otherwise, for a) a redesign or for making amendments to a scheme (unless they are a result of our own omission or error), or for making a fresh Planning, Building Regulations or other applications, or if we are involved in a ‘Planning Appeal’, b) for negotiating notional or actual variations either savings/additions with a builder and/or for altering documents to take account of agreed savings or additions, c) if the contract on site extends beyond the end of the contract period, d) attending more than two design meetings per stage, e) for time spent dealing with contractual disputes, including adjudication and legal proceedings. All charged either as 10% of the value of the notional saving or addition, or at our hourly rate.

Nothing in the document or any letter from us confers or purports to confer on any third party any benefit or right to enforce any term of this letter pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 (England & Wales only). Our total liability under or in connection with any commission whether in contract, negligence or tort or for breach of statutory duty or otherwise shall not exceed the final fee as paid.

We cannot accept any responsibility for the standard of work on site unless we are retained on a ‘Full Service’ basis as contract administrators under a JCT standard form of Building Contract or similar, where the contract documents include a full set of Stage 2 & 3 drawings and a full specification, and then only to a limited extent. Please note that contract administrators have no control over builders and their suppliers or subcontractors other than as set out and defined in the contract.

Unless stated otherwise in our fee letter, our fee does not include a) additional services &/or fees due to other consultants or bodies such as the local authority – see below  c) printing, travelling, unusual postal or courier expenses, d) for models actual or 3D computer models, or artists impressions or perspectives.

Additional services available we can offer (Fee and terms to be agreed separately)

Survey of existing land and buildings. Structure or condition survey. Design work of items not part of the main contract or not supplied by the main contractor. Interior design, detailed design of furniture or fittings e.g. kitchen cabinets. Detailing special or unusual finishes. Preparing 3D computer models, artists impressions/perspectives. ’As built’ drawings, or drawings for publicity purposes. Negotiating or applying for grants. Exceptional negotiations with a local authority.

Architect’s Certificate. If an architect’s certificate is required, this must be agreed at the outset and an additional lump sum fee agreed, also we must be fully retained for all four stages. NB  our architect’s certificate is generally not transferable to a third party.

Contract Administration. We or others can assume this role by prior agreement. The Contract administrator (CA) acts as an impartial intermediary in the contract between yourself and the builder. They assess the value of the work completed, usually once a month, as work proceeds and certify stage payments in accordance with the terms of your contract with the builder. The CA agrees variations and issues instructions to the builder on your behalf.

Services available from other consultants to be appointed separately:

  • Topographical/levels survey.
  • Structural, mechanical or electrical design and engineering.
  • Plumbing and heating design.
  • Landscape or furniture design.
  • Cost advice including preparing schedules of rates or quantities, cost reports.
  • Legal or tax advice. 
  • CDM co-ordinator (CDM/Health & Safety Regulations).
  • Negotiations or advice relating to rights of light, access, support, boundaries, rights of way, covenants, party walls etc.
  • Project Management.
  • Any reports, surveys or specialist additional information required by the Local Authority e.g. tree or wildlife surveys, contamination reports and Planning Design and Access/Supporting  Statements, Health and Safety Reports, sound or air tightness testing, SAP energy ratings, flood risk assessments. Ecology reports. Ground Investigations and percolations tests.