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Let's move this sale forward 

Dear {{first_name}} 

Thank you for contacting us and considering Your company name   as your home staging service.

This proposal outlines the right choices for your real estate business,  along with the detailed description of our plan of action.

Every good real estate company knows a beautifully staged home earns more commission and tends to sell faster than a house that is not. That is why staging homes for us goes way beyond just choosing a chair, sofa, or a rug...

It's an art form. 


Through this proposal, we are offering you a few different options that we found fit for your property, allowing you to decide on the best one for your budget and needs.

As discussed during our first conversation, our plan is to create a perfectly staged property, by doing the following:   
•          deep cleaning
•          de-cluttering and re-arranging 
•          minor renovations and remodelings 
•          furniture rental
•          staging of all 3 rooms
•          decorating

The reason why home staging is so important is that it can turn around a sale that otherwise wasn't moving. Nowadays people are not only looking at a price and location.

Purchasing a home is an emotional decision and making the buyer feel at home will certainly make you far less vulnerable to low-ball offers and requests.

Keeping your home show ready

Our main goal is to make the buyer feel at home when they are touring the property. Our home staging will provide your buyers with an idea of how furniture could be placed while making it look like it should be featured in a magazine.

Initial walkthrough

During the initial consultation, our home staging experts will share their opinions, advice, and plans for highlighting the selling features of the home. Our goal is to solve awkward spaces and make every foot count by recommending only high-return improvements. 

We will send you a list of recommended items to be purchased, suggested furniture arrangements, and anything else that will help turn your home sale into a success story. 

De-cluttering and rearranging 

Our rearranging and the de-cluttering plan is to arrange furniture for optimal flow, maximizing the space, and making sure the photos taken afterward will be as amazing as it gets.

Ideally, we prefer to start the process before getting the property on the market, but I am sure our high return recommendations will be a game-changer in your case as well. 

Minor renovations and remodeling

We have noticed two of your rooms will need a fresh coat of paint. Our experts will help you to choose the right color and finish the work in no time. Additionally, some landscaping might be required, as well as replacing the countertops and light fixtures.


Every recommendation we make is based on the exact property, the location, demographics, and more. In your specific case, we will place art, mirrors, and wall decor for maximum impact. 

Rugs, towels, and other accessories will be placed to create a warm and welcoming feeling. We will be using Feng Shui guidelines, as it has proven to have a positive effect on the home sale price. 

Plan of action 

After you sign our proposal, we will schedule a follow-up call to finalize the details and decide on the best starting date. 

Our suggested plan of action is:  

Step One

During the initial consultation and walk through, our experts will come up with the best strategic interior design plan to control the visual and create a "warm home" atmosphere in your property. 

Step Two

Once the initial plan is made, we will start with needed minor reparations, renovations, decorating and staging. Our goal is to make sure your home spends 90% less time on the market than similar properties.

Step Three

Once your home is beautifully designed and staged to perfection, you will be ready to put it back on the market with a price tag over your initial asking. 

Meet Cheryl's Home

Cheryl, the owner of real estate agency Cheryl's home, found herself on the fence after one of her properties spent close to a year sitting on the market. After trying out a few different sales strategies, she contacted Your company name.

The solution and the outcome 

The first problem we faced was the fact the property was still occupied. Our goal was to work with the owners and Cheryl to de-clutter the living space and make adjustments that highlight the house's best features. 

We installed a mix of modern and more classic furnishings and created an interior that felt both, familiar and fashionable. 

After taking it off-market and re-staging it, a newly renovated home received an offer of $90,000 over the asking price, within 9 days after putting it back on the market.

Here is what Cheryl has to say about the experience: 

“Your company name did an outstanding job staging my property for sale. I found them to be very talented, knowledgeable, and passionate about home design. They were quick to turn a property from "average" to "stunning" while adding a beautiful, relaxing, and peaceful feeling about it. It was a pleasure working with them!”       

- Cheryl | Cheryl's home

A staged home gets you your commission sooner. Fact.

A real estate agent who spends close to 1 percent on staging sees over a 10 percent return on investment. Source: 'National association of realtors'                                                               

We average on 150 properties per month, and many of those sell in less than 30 days. Our eye for detail is there to spell the difference between attracting buyers or having your home on the market for months. 

Our usual price comes to around 1% of the real estate listing price, which in your case would be as follows: 

Initial consultation
two-hour design consultation
Rearranging and de-cluttering only
staging fee
staging fee per room
@ £200.00
£600 /month
furniture rental
furniture rental per room
@ £500.00
£1,500 /month
One-off Total
Monthly Total

“Your company name did an amazing job at making one of my condos look fantastic and ready for sale. The initial walkaround lasted only about an hour, but it was enough for a complete transformation. They made it look like a perfect dream home. It almost made me want to get it for myself!”

- Mario | Real estate agent

We would love to have you as a client

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Terms and conditions

USER DISCLAIMER (Please Delete): This agreement may not be suitable for your circumstances and we recommend you seek legal advice before using it. Better Proposals does not take any responsibility for any events that arise as a result of your use of this agreement.

These conditions apply to the Agreement between the Customer and Your company name (referred to as 'the Company'), when using our services. We may revise these Terms & Conditions from time to time and without notice by updating the Terms & Conditions web page. You should visit this web page periodically to review these Terms & Conditions.

1. Quotations

1.1. Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of preparation. Errors and omissions excepted.

2. Payments and Deposits

2.1. The Customer is required to make quarterly payments in advance (including VAT) with the initial payment to include an agreed security deposit, with cleared funds received prior to delivery. Subsequent payments are also to be made quarterly in advance unless agreed upon in writing. For rental terms less than three months the Customer is required to make full payment in advance.

2.2. Payments to the Company can be made by bank transfer, cheque, debit card, or credit card. Credit card payments are subject to a 2.5% processing fee.

2.3. The security deposit will be held against any damage or loss incurred during the hire period and will be returned following the collection of the goods at the conclusion of the hire period. No deductions will be made against 'fair wear and tear'.

3. Contract Termination

3.1. This contract may be terminated subject to 14 days' notice in writing. If the contract is terminated prior to the minimum agreed hire period being completed, the Customer will pay the balance of the rental repayments for the minimum agreed period.

4. Contract Expiration

4.1. On the expiration of the contract, the Customer has the option to extend the rental term in monthly increments subject to agreement. A monthly extension rate can be supplied upon request.

4.2. Any extension of the rental term will be subject to the Company has received cleared funds a minimum of 72 hours prior to the renewal date, unless agreed upon otherwise in writing.

4.3. On the expiration of the contract, the Customer also has the option to purchase the goods subject to agreement. A purchase figure can be supplied upon request.

4.4. If the Customer has not returned the goods or agreed on an extension by the time of contract expiration, the rental will accrue on a pro-rata basis thereafter.

5. Insurance

5.1. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure the goods against damage or loss during the hire period. The Company is unable to provide insurance for furniture rental projects, however, the Company can arrange insurance cover for home staging projects upon request.

5.2. The Company and its agents are responsible for insurance of the Goods while in transit and while they remain in control of the Goods.

6. Ownership

6.1. All goods remain the property of the Company at all times.

6.2. All Goods shall be kept at the address where installed by the Company for the duration of the hire unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

7. Delivery and Installation

7.1. Delivery charges are determined on mileage.

7.2. Any work required to be undertaken 'out of hours' may attract an additional charge, which will be advised in advance.

7.3. The unpacking and installation of furniture are to be undertaken solely by representatives of the Company unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

7.4. The time of delivery is estimated only. The Company does not provide any reimbursement for deliveries which have been delivered later than the estimated time of delivery.

7.5. The Company does not accept any liability whatsoever for deliveries or installations that have been delayed or canceled, for reasons outside of its control. Additionally, the Company will not charge the Customer for its services for periods of time where the Goods have not been delivered to the address through no fault of the Customer.

7.6. The fixing of pictures, mirrors, accessories, and objet d'art (to include all window treatments) is undertaken at the Customer's own risk and the Company does not accept any liability for any damage caused whatsoever.

7.7. The installation and removal of the Goods, within the delivery address, is undertaken at the Customer's own risk and the Company does not accept any liability for any damage whatsoever.

8. Collection of Goods

8.1. The Company requires at least 14 days' notice to collect the goods.

8.2. The Customer is liable for any damage to the goods and will be charged accordingly.

8.3. All Linen and Bathroom packs must be professionally laundered upon return.

9. Home Staging

9.1. The Company will not commence works on a Home Staging installation whilst building staff or other tradesmen are working on-site.

9.2. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all works on the property have been completed to a satisfactory standard and all relevant Health and Safety regulations have been met.

9.3. In the event that either of the above conditions (9.1. and 9.2.) have not been met upon commencement of the installation, a charge of £500.00 may be imposed upon the Customer as compensation for costs incurred for the aborted delivery. Additionally, the furniture rental period will have been deemed to commence from this point.

9.4. Any cancellation of an order will result in the Customer reimbursing the Company for any costs incurred, including items purchased for the Home Staging.

9.5. Any building works undertaken during the installation may result in a cessation of works by the Company until such time that the Company can recommence works. An additional installation charge may be incurred as a result.

9.6. No person or persons are to be living in the Home Staging project at any point during the installation, nor at any other point during the contracted rental term unless agreed in writing.

9.7. Home Staging furniture is not part of the Company's standard furniture rental range and as such is for show purposes only and not for general use.


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