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Let's take off the Steam

Dear {{first_name}},

Thank you for contacting us and for considering Your company name  for your game developers.
We are very excited about this opportunity and ready to help you turn your creative idea into an engaging game for both, iOS and Android operating systems.


As we discussed during our initial conversation,  you would like our group of experts to produce a unified and interactive game based on your idea.

Here are our overall goals: 

  • Creating an interactive game that will engage the targeted audience (12-19 age group)
  • Making sure the game has a high-end graphics
  • Integrate advertisements within the game for revenue generation
  • Making the game available on both, iOS and Android operating systems

Making highly entertaining games is our mission. Our team consists of some of the best talents in the industry that worked on over 100 projects for 50+ clients across the globe. We have an established brand that proves quality and quantity don't always have to be mutually exclusive.

Our interactive game vision

Mobile games have more potential and a huge market in both, revenue and user base, and they account for more than 50% of the global gaming industry revenue, with a 25% year-on-year growth rate. 

Our team of passionate designers and developers are specialized in developing games for mobile platforms and using popular game engines.

So here is what we got planned:

Art, design, and animation

As we discussed, to bring your game to life, we would start with our creative and talented art and design team, specialized in creating attractive graphics, UI, game-assets for 2D, Isometric, and 3D mobile games. They will start with creating assets and animations that are mobile friendly and highly optimized to perform well.  

UI/UX design process

As previously explained, our UI/UX designers follow the best practices for UI design. They don't just have experience in how to work with colors, fonts, button sizes, their job is to follow a logical process, that’s perfectly approachable to a developer. 

Coding and development

We are experienced in all popular mobile game development engines like Unity, Cocos2d, Cocos-JS, and HTML5, Angular JS, Three.JS, JavaScript framework, etc. To build a cross-platform game you are desiring, we will use the right set of tools based on the game technical requirement we agreed on.


Our testing team with a rich gaming experience will help to provide quality assurance and compliance testing for both, iOS and Android systems. We will test the consistent performance, gameplay, device compatibility, user experience, user interface, screen orientations, resolutions, load testing, social integration, and more.

Plan of action

After you sign this proposal, our team will schedule a follow-up call to agree on the best meeting time so we can start making our plans a reality.

The schedule would be as follows:  

First step:      - Pre-production
                         Planning, research and documentation based on the  
                         marketing analysis

Second step:  - Concept art
                          The art and design team will make your game as engaging  
                          and user-friendly as possible

Third step:      - Asset production
                          2D & 3D asset production services will bring your ideas
                          to life

Fourth step:    - Developing
                           We will decide on a proper game engine and technology 

Final step:       - Testing
                           Performance testing for device compatibility
                           and  user experience

From our portfolio

When Gary, the Group Executive Director of XYZ Studio reached out to us, offering us to help him port his Facebook game to iOS and Android, we knew we had to jump on that opportunity. 

The solution and the outcome

Our main concern was how to develop a good game within a specific timeline, deliver a quality product, and make sure the game doesn't lose the initial idea while transferring it from Facebook to iOS and Android. 

Our goal was to contribute to the graphical look, gameplay, and user experience of the game.

It was important that designers, artists, animators, engineers, and others work together in bringing this story to life. 

We helped them bring the best of their work out on the paper, and finally, on the cellphone screen. 

A few words from Gary

“Your company name can really take the most basic ingredients and build a complex game out of it. They helped us by taking something good and re-building it back into something amazing. I can't recommend them enough."

                                                                                             - Gary | XYZ Studio

A unique perspective on game developing

The average US consumer spends around $77.60 on mobile games. According to predictions, mobile games will soon hold close to 80% of all app revenues. 

Our services are usually charged per hour. If you would like to work with us full time for an entire month, different fees may apply.

        $70.00 per hour
@ £70.00
        $90.00 per hour
@ £90.00
        $120.00 per hour
@ £120.00
One-off Total

"I don't think there is anything these guys don't know about the game production. As a part of the developing team myself, I can absolutely say I have been more than happy to work with Your company name."               
                                                                                               - Alex | XYZ Games

Level up today

As an experienced game development company, we try to have fun along the way, by playing the games ourselves. 

To make sure the development will actually serve the gameplay, hire the team that speaks the game language. 

Sign below

To make the following steps as simple as possible: 

1.      Simply type your name in the box below and click “Sign Proposal”.

2.      We will send you an invoice for a 30% deposit.

3.      We will schedule a meeting to finalize the plans. 

We can’t wait to get started! 

I, Jane Doe, agree to the terms of this agreement and I agree that my typed name below can be used as a digital representation of my signature to that fact.
  • To accept, type your name below
  • To accept, draw and type your name below
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