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Dear Mr. {{surname}},

Thank you for contacting us about decorating your new [project].

At Your company name, we have been delivering fantastic results for over 25 years. Whether it's individual spaces like yours, or entire homes, we know that every project is as unique as the owner - and we treat both with the same care.

But why hire a professional painting company?

Sure, you could paint your [project] by yourself, but with a busy business to run and a family at home, isn't your time worth more to you?
By hiring us, you can have your [project] finished in a fraction of the time, using the safest and most appropriate materials for your children, and delivered with a beautiful, professional finish. 

Our experienced decorators are expertly trained, use the latest equipment, and always leave the worksite clean and dust-free; ready for you to walk in and enjoy.

Let's get started...

This proposal includes details of your project and our estimated costings. We hope it illustrates Your company name as your ideal partner and if you wish to proceed, you just need to enter your name in the digital signature block to proceed - no paper, no fuss!

If you have any questions, contact me on the details below.

Best Wishes,

Your company name |

"Your company namedid an incredible job on our home. I couldn't be happier"

- Joe Smoe


about Us

Established in 1990, Your company name is a family-owned and run business that has been delivering quality residential and commercial decorating for over 25 years.

We cover [area] and have over 30 professional decorators on hand to deliver high-quality work that lasts, at a price-point that makes sense.

We have worked on over 400 properties in the last year and our confidence and experience mean we can uniquely offer a 2-year guarantee on all our work. You can't get better than that!

[Acreditation]  [Acreditation]  [Acreditation] 

We will work with you on the details
to ensure a beautiful finish.


This proposal is for an apartment complex comprised of 13 units.
The project is to be built at [location] and is due to begin on [date].


Interior decoration for a large double garage conversion located at: [location]. The purpose of the building is office space and a gym area.

The total area of the office suite is 700 square feet.


You spend most of your time in the office, so it's important that the space is bright, welcoming and effective for your needs. We will use a bright, off-white for 3 walls and a light grey for the remaining wall. The use of these light colors will expand the space and help maintain an 'office' feel to keep you focused.

Because you also plan to use the space as a gym, we will use [type] paint that is hard-wearing, water-resistant and wipe-clean.

We will work with you on the details
to ensure a beautiful finish.


Below you can find the breakdown of our process and timescales

phase 1 preparation

Professional decoration is about effective preparation. Our team will measure all walls, mark and mask off each section and lay down our protective floor sheeting.

Once the initial setup is complete, we will begin prepping the walls; sanding away any raised areas, filling holes and cleaning the surfaces ready for paint. 

Timeline: 2 days

PHASE 2 | priming & ceilings

We will begin by painting the ceilings with [type] paint, to give a beautifully smooth, matte finish. Whilst this dries we will paint all 4 wall surfaces with [type] primer to ensure solid coverage and moisture protection.

Timeline: 1 day

phase 3 | painting

With all preliminary work out of the way, our team will lightly sand the primer layer, re-clean the walls and get to work on bringing your room to life with beautiful paintwork. 

Timeline: 1 day

STAGE 4 | Finishing Touches

At this point, your ceilings and walls will be looking beautiful.
All that remains is to paint the trims and reinstall any removed fittings. 

Once complete, our team will clean the space for you; ensuring it's dust-free, and hand it over for you to enjoy! As with all our work, your project is guaranteed against peeling and cracking for two years!

Timeline: 1 day

Completion Date:

Your project is due to be completed on [Date]

It's not a fee, it's an investment

Like our work, we like to keep our pricing flexible and simple.


Based on the timescale and specifics outlined in this proposal, we estimate your project costings to be as follows:

Consultation Call
We will plan your entire project and consult on materials, colour matching and interior design.
You won't need to worry about a thing.
We only have the best, senior decorators working for us. You are in great hands.

Remember; we're a little different from the others...

“Working with Your company name made what should have been a crazy stressful time and actually made it incredibly fun. They were available, helpful and had patience with us. Above all else, they delivered what we wanted fantastically. So pleased to have chosen them.

Marie Tildan


We’d love to get started and have you on board as a client but before we can, we need you to read over our terms and sign this proposal.


  1. Type your name in the box below and click ‘Sign Proposal’.
  2. We’ll invoice you 50% of the Stage 1 fee and await payment.
  3. We’ll have a call to get the detailed spec.

We can’t wait to start getting results for you as quick as possible to reiterate that you made the right decision.

[your name]
[your position]

I, Doe, agree to the terms of this agreement and I agree that my typed name below can be used as a digital representation of my signature to that fact.
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Have you read our
and Conditions?

USER DISCLAIMER (Please Delete): This agreement may not be suitable for your circumstances and we recommend you seek legal advice before using it. Better Proposals does not take any responsibility for any events that arise as a result of your use of this agreement.


Please read the terms below carefully. When you happy to proceed, please sign the eSign Acceptance box on the previous page.

1. Quotation

1.1. All prices are prepared based on a best estimation at time of submission taking into account information supplied by the client.  Should this be found to be inaccurate, Company X will quote an additional charge based on accurate information and evidence to settle the difference, and this must be agreed by both parties before work commences. 

1.2. All prices given on this quote are correct at the time of writing but may be subject to future change due to external factors such as cost of supply. 

1.3. All quoted prices are valid only up until the expiry date given on the quote. Acceptance of this quotation automatically signifies acceptance of the terms and conditions set out here and indicates an agreement between Company X and client. 

1.4. Only the services described in the quotation is included within the price given. Any other works, labour or supply of materials outside of the scope of the quote given will be chargeable.  Any modification or extra work that falls outside of the remit of this quotation must first be agreed with a price and signed by both parties before it may go ahead.

2. Scope of work

2.1. Company X will endeavour to carry out the listed services to a high professional standard via suitably qualified tradespeople.

2.2. Whilst all reasonable effort will be made to carry out the required services, Company X reserves the right to alter or cancel some or all work at short notice in the case of reasons beyond it's control e.g. mass flooding or mains water pipe damage.

2.3. The client must allow sufficient access to the property in order to carry out the services and connection to a water / electricity supply may be necessary.

3. Invoicing and Payment

3.1. The client accepts the final quote given here and the price of goods and services will be inclusive of VAT.  On acceptance of a quote 40% of the balance shall be immediately due for settlement before work commences.

3.2. On completion of works an invoice shall be raised to settle the remaining balance, which shall be due within 12 days of the invoice date unless otherwise stated.

3.3. If the invoice is not settled within 30 days of the invoice date, Company X reserves the right to begin legal proceedings to recover the outstanding fees with the client liable for Company X's legal fees for doing so. 

3.4. These terms and conditions will represent a contract between Company X and client according to the laws of England and Wales. 

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