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Written by [NAME & COMPANY] as requested by [CLIENT] 



What we are setting out to achieve


This project involves the redesign of the lounge and master bedroom of a Victorian mid-terrace with original features recently acquired by [CLIENT NAME].  The lounge and bedroom areas are currently cluttered, lacking light and are dated in design. The new owners would like to see a modern, minimalist design, preserving the historic elements of the building, yet building in clever systems to maximise storage.

The scope and tasks required to complete this project will follow the timelines outlined in order to deliver the components at the associated costs listed. A list of deliverables and assumptions is included herein.


This project has been proposed to achieve the following objectives:

Objective 1 | Deliver a beautiful new look for the lounge and bedroom areas that is minimalist in style and preserves / enhances the natural light.

Objective 2 | The new design must include as much intelligent storage as possible with minimalist, polished finishes in keeping with the room design.

Objective 3 | The historic features of the house should be highlighted where possible, namely the original fireplaces and large bay windows.


Deliverables & Components


The following Deliverables will be associated with this project:

Deliverable 1 | Interior Design Concept

Once your brief being sent to our designers and a site visit has been completed, we will deliver two draft design concepts within 2 weeks. 
Choose which design you would like for further development and agree this with digital sign-off (required to move forward to Specification).

Deliverable 2 | Specification of Work 

Once the final design concept is chosen, we will liaise with our chosen specialist subcontractors to produce a detailed Specification of Work within 4 weeks of the design scheme being chosen.

This will include the following documents:

  • Building specification (including elevation and layout drawings with dimensions)
  • Electrical specification and lighting layout plan 
  • Decorating Specification

The detailed Specification of Work will include all necessary details
to carry out this project from start until completion.

Deliverable 3 | Final project sign off

We guarantee our lead designer will be present during site work to monitor progress, maintain quality and coordinate respective components of the build.  When all work is complete, we will present a final design sign off, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the project and safeguarding your peace of mind.


The following Components will be associated with this project:

Component 1 | Building work

For this scheme no significant structural work is planned for the areas. The building work on this project will include carpentry for the inbuilt storage requested.

Component 2 | Lighting concept

Lighting fixtures will form part of the design concept and some rewiring associated with this may be necessary to achieve the desired final effect.

Component 3 | Hard and soft furnishings

We will source and purchase the furniture and accessories that will breathe personality into the design scheme and give the final touches.


Key information we are working with


This agreement is based on the following assumptions:

  • You will allow our designers / project managers and subcontractors access to visit the site for photographs, measuring up as necessary before the design schemes are drawn up. 
  • You will provide digital sign off for each project stage which is required before work may continue.
  • All of our selected subcontractors that we collaborate with are subject to strict vetting procedures prior to commencing any work, which is subject to the latest industry guidelines and specifications.
  • Lead times on specific components will be given at the earliest notice. 

If any of the above information is incorrect or incomplete, please inform us immediately so that the Statement of Work can be revised.


Keeping the project on track


To keep your interior redesign to schedule and on budget, we have drafted these deadlines for this project and its relevant stages:

TaskDue Date
Acceptance of Statement of WorkASAP
Deliver two Design ConceptsDate, Month, Year
Client Chooses ConceptDate, Month, Year
Deliver Final Specification of WorkDate, Month, Year
Client confirms SpecificationDate, Month, Year

*(Dependent on Specification)

Projected work schedule:

From:         To:

Date, Month, Year
Final Sign Off Date, Month, Year

*Final work schedules will be dependent on the final Specification of Work as they have to be coordinated with subcontractors.


Keeping the project on budget


An outline of the costs for the design, development and testing of the site is estimated here followed by the total:

Invoice 1: Design concept 10 hours at X rate
Invoice 2: Specification of Work 30 hours at X rate
Invoice 3: Final Sign off 10 hours at X rate
Contingency Budget  Plus 10% of total cost


This estimate is based on [COMPANY NAME'S] current understanding of the Project Scope
and Tasks as well as the Deliverables and Components set out in this Statement of Work.

All invoices are inclusive of 12.5% VAT

All invoices are due and payable within <X> days of receipt by [CLIENT NAME]


electronic acceptance

To accept the conditions set out in this Statement of Work, simply type your name below. 

We look forward to working with you on [PROJECT NAME].

I, Doe, agree to the terms of this agreement and I agree that my typed name below can be used as a digital representation of my signature to that fact.
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