How to write a proposal template for your business

Good proposal templates have these 3 layers well defined. What’s the structure of yours? Written by Adam Hempenstall

During my annual trip to Split, Croatia, I took a walk up Marjan Hill and shot this at the top. I’ll never get bored of the views of the med from a height.

In this video, I talk about my experience in seeing what different businesses use as their proposal templates and why it’s so damaging.

Most companies just use their most recent proposal and edit it. The problem with this thinking is you’re never truly thinking about that client.
There is a right and a wrong way to produce a proposal template and that is most definitely the wrong way.

The right way

The right way to do things is sit down and write a template for the various different products you sell. I came up with a way of thinking about this on the spot which worked well. When thinking about your proposals, think about them in layers:

At the base, there’s the “Company level” – This would be things like branding, your about page etc.
Then there’s the “Product level” – This is everything to do with what they are actually buying. You shouldn’t be mentioning anything else to be honest.
Lastly, there’s the “Client level” – This is everything to do with that specific client.

Watch the video and learn the right way to write your proposal template.

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