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Over time, Proposable has come to be a fairly well known and reliable name in the world of proposals. This software was one of the original in the market and covers all bases in terms of functionality and analytics

We were impressed with their tracking and the ability to edit proposals in real time. It’s a solid product. However: the hugely off-putting drawback immediately obvious with Proposable? It just all looks so desperately sad and tired. We’re kind of itching to give her a facelift.

Look and feel of proposals created with Proposable

Remember MS Publisher and Comic Sans circa ‘95? Well that’s the dinosaur era of design Proposable seems to be stuck in, and it’s not in the least bit attractive, nor exciting. At Better Proposals we’d rather fire up clients with breathtaking proposals than send them to sleep.

Here's how some of our templates look

Interesting, engaging, colourful

template 5
template 3
template 12
template 2
template 6
template 4
template 1
template 7
template 9
template 10
template 18
template 15
template 11
template 17
template 13
template 14
template 12
template 16

Proposable's Design and Innovation

These days, looks really are everything. Digital trends change like lightning, which is why we put innovation at the forefront of everything we do.

At Better Proposals, we trust in a fresh outlook and are dedicated to keeping up with the latest functionality and design trends. Our team is fast to jump in with new developments, as well as seeking out and acting on feedback and ideas from valued customers.

Here's how they look on mobile

A screenshot of one of our proposals is on the left, Proposable are on the right

mobile vs proposable
Jason Mills
"Better Proposals is without a doubt the no.1 proposal tool out there. Super easy to customise, integrated client payment and it looks super professional. My business has blown up since using Better Proposals"
Jason Mills
Rise Online

Our 21st Century Proposal Editor

Zero learning, automatically designed, lightning fast.


It’s apparent that Proposable is aimed at the corporate market, with plans jumping from $500 to $2000 per month to add multiple users.

We aren’t convinced how businesses justify spending so much money on proposal templates that look antiquated. Better Proposals offers multi-user packages starting from $49 dollars a month, and our proposal designs are simply light years ahead in terms of look and form. Here's our two cheapest pay-monthly plans side-by-side:

pricing chart proposable
Dan Englander
"After working with several competitors, we've settled on Better Proposals. The interface is clean, our prospects give us compliments in almost every presentation, and our close rate rose by orders of magnitude within 60-90 days due to the ease of presentation and sign off. Can't recommend them more highly."
Dan Englander
Sales Schema

Proposable don't offer payments

One of the most popular features of Better Proposals is payment integrations. Getting your proposal signed is only half the battle. The other half is getting the money in your account. Proposable don't have this feature or even any way of cobbling it together. The entire process from sending your proposal to getting paid is automatic with Better Proposals.

Instant Payments:
Fast, Easy, Secure

With the integrated payments feature, your clients can pay your fee immediately via credit card.

Forget about the Net 30 invoices. No more “4th notice” emails to send. There's no better time to ask for the payment than seconds after they've signed your proposal.

Better Proposals integrates with Stripe, PayPal, and GoCardless.

payment logos

Viewing on a phone

Speaking of form, have you tried to open a Proposable document on your phone? It’s downright clunky, but then it would be as a Proposable file is still based on the concept of an A4 piece of paper or PDF file.

Don’t get us wrong; we’re not dissing paper, quite the contrary, we adore using paper and pen for endless to-do lists in the office and at home. But the World moved way past shuffling paper about to create and send proposals.

Our web-based templates will automatically rescale and display beautifully no matter what PC, mobile, tablet or laptop your client chooses to access them.

mobile versus proposable

When considering whether to use Proposable or Better Proposals, perhaps think about whether you want to get with the present and future or stick with the distant past.

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