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Discover how Head Honchos doubled their business in two years with Better Proposals

Working in a rural sector that is often slow to adopt new technology, Head Honchos LLC has capitalised on the Better Proposals platform’s ability to efficiently provide client-tailored proposals to develop a significant edge over their competition, and saved money in the process.

About Head Honchos

Established in 2000, Head Honchos specialise in providing experienced and dependable seasonal workers to hardworking American farmers.

With over 20 years of experience, their passion for safely navigating applicants through the complex H2 Visa procedures and H-4 “Mi Familia” programs has not only alleviated stress on the farmers, but dramatically improved the lives of hundreds of immigrant families.


Before Better Proposals

“There was nothing sexy about (our process).” Head Honchos LLC President, Todd Miller.

“We had a printed proposal, about 15-18 pages long, and I used to put it in overnight mail; FedEx, UPS or DHL. It had pricing, it had a contract agreement, it had everything the proposal would have in there, and I would send it out and then wait for a response. I would wait 2-5 days for the customer to receive it and then chase it up.”


The process was clearly slow and cumbersome.

“It was very labour intensive. After sending, I’d make phone calls, leave my voicemail or send an email. And they may say ‘Yes, I received it, but I haven’t had an opportunity to talk to you about it’, so that meant more waiting. More chasing. It was about a 5-10 day cycle before I could even talk to the potential client and answer questions”.

These sorts of delays are a common ‘deal-killer’ for many businesses. Even those who have moved to emailed PDFs have issues of whether the document has been received/viewed, let alone signed.

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In 2018 PDF proposals were 45% less likely to be signed. In 2021 this had risen to 88%!

Still using a PDF for your sales docs?

Think about switching today

But for Todd and Head Honchos, the process wasn’t just protracted and difficult, it was costly:

“I was spending anywhere from $25 to $30 a time. And I would pay for the postage, because the odds of getting a signed proposal back went up if I included a prepaid envelope. So let’s call it $50 a proposal,” states Todd.

“It was evident I needed something new. I wanted to jazz up my proposal and our professional image. So I went online and started searching for something to help us.”

After Better Proposals:
“I’m saving close to $60,000 a year…”

Todd signed up for Better Proposals and the impact for Head Honchos was immediate. “I instantly fell in love and immediately realised the savings,” says Todd. “Some things I looked at would touch on what I wanted to do, but Better Proposals was exactly what I was looking for - and we would save somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000 every year - which was massive for us.”

And that annual saving didn’t include the rapid growth Head Honchos experienced from using the Better Proposals platform:

“Let me clarify for anyone - that was then. We've now doubled our business, and I'm saving close to $60,000 a year. And I can definitely attribute most of that growth to Better Proposals. Without a doubt,” exclaims Todd. “And there are SO many other benefits.”

Securing bigger deals, faster

It’s our philosophy to provide a consultative sales approach, tailored at every level. Book a demo today and see what Better Proposals can do for you.

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Those benefits explained

Trackable insights

Better Proposals has enabled Head Honchos to cut the wait time and eradicate uncertainty from the sales process thanks to the platform’s real-time analytics and notifications features.


“That part is absolutely magical,” Todd. “With the live notifications, I can tell when a customer opens it and judge how excited they are by their response time. I can even tell what tabs they're looking at and for how long. If they tell me on the phone, ‘I'm not concerned about price, price is not an issue’ and they then spend 15 minutes looking at the price, I know they're lying to me and it’s something I can address, head-on, in our negotiations.”

“It's tailored AND customisable. That’s what makes Better Proposals so powerful.”

The Better Proposals platform makes customisation intuitive and efficient. There are extensive searchable libraries of royalty-free images to choose from, and you can easily upload your own custom assets.

“Having a template in place is fine. But if someone tells me they grow strawberries, or somebody tells me they grow apples or corn or whatever it is, I can grab a stock image matching that. And that's the first thing they will see. They click ‘open’ and they see their industry right in front of them. They immediately feel like, 'Okay, this guy knows what I need’ and there is a connection.” Todd.

“I love that we can use video clips”

And it’s not limited to images, with videos your busy customers can digest the information from your proposal quickly.

Todd explains, “I love that we can use video clips. Even though I do have things covered in the text of my proposal, I like to have the video in there as well. I think that's a nice bonus.”

According to Better Proposals 2021 Proposal Report, using video increased the chances of conversion by 4.5% in 2021 - a trend we have seen increasing year on year.

Not a designer? No problem.

While Better Proposals has been built to be simple for any level of design ability, Custom Templates allow customers to put their written content and brand guidelines into the hands of the Better Proposals design team, who then craft beautiful custom templates, specific to the goals of the customer.

“I had more money than time,” Todd, who had some Custom Templates designed. “I was willing to have someone get it going quickly, get my main concepts down and then I could tweak it as I went. It was nice to get that backbone done. It saved me a lot of time and probably made me money at the end of the day, because I was able to get proposals out and more people signed up sooner rather than later.”

EDS document devices

Mobile-Responsive documents you can sign in the field, literally.

“It’s amazing that they (the client) can open the email/proposal on a phone. They spend a lot of time in the field or their truck; checking on properties or, or animals or whatnot. They aren’t in front of their computer, if they have one. But everyone has a phone. And they can open it up and sign it right there. That's the beautiful part – they can engage with it immediately,” says Todd.

“I’ll have it to you in 5 minutes”

Speed and first impression are huge difference makers when it comes to an effective proposal.

“It has so much to do with whether or not that customer signs up with you. That first impression,” Todd. “When I get a lead now, and they say the usual ‘do you have information you can send me’ I just smile to myself and say, ‘I’ll have it to you in five minutes’ ."

Todd chuckles.“They [the client] almost always say ‘Wow! That's really cool! I mean you don't have to get it to me that quick’ and I say very simply, ’That's just how we do it’."

Continuing, Todd explains:

“I stop, I hang up the phone, get my proposal together, and literally within five minutes, they have their proposal in their hand. That increases the sale and it future-proofs me against other companies. Now they're judging competitors against me based on how quickly I got back to them with something they could make a decision on,” Todd recalls.

“Sometimes I even get it to them before they hang up the phone. They hear ‘Bing!’ and say ‘I just got your proposal’, I say ‘Yes, you did’ and they say ‘Okay. Well, I'm gonna sign it right now and get this back to you. Let's get going’. It’s absolutely amazing.”

According to Better Proposals 2021 Proposal Report, sending a proposal within 24 hours of speaking to a client increases the chance of signoff by 19.1%

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Digital Signatures: Deal done.

The speed, transparency and customizability of the Better Proposals platform has Todd closing deals much faster:

“I've had a large number of people sign the proposal the same day, which in my industry, is really unusual. It’s typically a longer sales cycle than that. But if it's there in front of them, fast, if they understand it, if it's easy for them to do, it happens. And that's what Better Proposals does, it makes it really easy for the customer to immediately assess your level of professionalism, make a decision on if you are a service or a company that they want to partner with, sign the proposal and then immediately initiate payment.”

Better Proposals shield

Better Proposals uses digital signatures that are 100% legally binding, usable with employee contracts as well as deals with clients.

Payment Integrations

“Rather than back and forth, with invoices that take 30 days, it happens instantaneously, even on the phone." Todd explains in relation to Instant Payments.

Better Proposals Dashboard

“Some of my customers still work with cheques currently, so online payment is right for all of them. But as things shift in the market, that's going to change. So the 95% I mentioned for closing the deal is gonna be a 100%, because you'll be able to get that first payment at the moment they sign, everytime as well. Then you’re good to go.”

According to Better Proposals 2021 Proposal Report, 71% of all proposals sent through the platform used our payment integrations with PayPal, Stripe and GoCardless to successfully achieve payment. Furthermore the average time to get paid was just 6 hours!

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A final word

To this day, with thousands of proposals sent out, the one thing that I can absolutely draw a hard line on and point a finger to for helping me grow my business is the Better Proposals platform.

If I was having to compete against other folks that were using this type of proposal system, it would be very deflating for me because now I really feel like I have a super, super strong weapon to close business and to build rapport that I didn't have, but I do now. So that would be my advice: get involved and start using it before your competition does.

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