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The Platform is intuitive and user-friendly, saving us countless hours compared with our previous processes

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How Better Proposals helped Teaching Personnel save hours on their proposals

Teaching Personnel (part of Supporting Education Group) is trusted by thousands of schools to provide strategic solutions. But with their own documentation stuck in the past, they needed a solution of their own. With Better Proposals, they were able to integrate their custom CRM and seamlessly share proposals that empower their team and convert customers.


About Teaching Personnel

“Making a difference every day through staffing, tutoring and supply”

“Teaching Personnel is recognized for its stringent vetting procedures, career-enhancing CPD Academy, customer experience, and sector specialist approach to school recruitment. Every academic year they provide staff to over 5,000 schools delivering a national service on a local scale from 80 branches. As the leading agency in the market, they deliver exceptional service to schools and job seekers. This means ensuring they always have the best branch staff, in the right locations to meet the staffing needs and career goals of our customers.”


“The search for a digital solution”

With a large number of partner companies, Teaching Personnel was struggling with a lack of consistency in the presentation of their documents, both in terms of content and branding.

Their traditional Word to PDF approach was heavily reliant on the individual accuracy of consultants and the signing process for clients was leaving a lot to be desired.

“The signing process for clients was convoluted; requiring them to print, sign, scan and email back,” explains Group CMO, Anthony Lee.

"Our over-reliance on Word documents gave no central control over what was being proposed to client schools and even when signed, consultants were having to forward the signed documents to the appropriate departments for data capture," adds Business Development Manager, James Marsh.

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In 2018 PDF proposals were 45% less likely to be signed. In 2021 this had risen to 88%!

Still using a PDF for your sales docs?

Think about switching today

It was clear that Teaching Personnel needed a change.

“Our Department was searching for a digital solution for school partnership and service level agreements and came across Better Proposals.”

“A huge time saver and helps us look more professional as a business.”

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add content library section

Teaching Personnel adopted Better Proposals Enterprise Plan and have never looked back.

“Being able to create and save templates/content has made the process of putting proposals together far more streamlined and efficient,” Anthony remarks. “Our teams say, it’s so much better than before – really easy.”

Securing bigger deals, faster

It’s our philosophy to provide a consultative sales approach, tailored at every level. Book a demo today and see what Better Proposals can do for you.

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“Flexibility and ease for all”

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It’s not always easy to adopt a new system, but Teaching Personnel has done so with gusto; sending almost 500 proposals and achieving a consistent 75% conversion rate.

“Better Proposals has facilitated a central platform that allows us to have visibility of our agreement pipeline and signed partnerships. This allows better internal transparency and communications over these agreements.”

Looking at ‘individual wins’ within Teaching Personnel’s use, both Anthony and James noted:


“Everything feels clear. The layout is very accessible and our brand is now consistent.”

Going web-based

“Being able to edit proposals which update automatically at the client end is invaluable. This feature is a huge time saver and helps us look more professional as a business. Additionally, being able to resend proposals using a link helps us easily share with multiple recipients.”

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Digital Signatures

“There is no more print, sign, and scan process needed. Better Proposals is the professional option for presenting agreements to our client schools and can be signed digitally.”

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Better Proposals uses digital signatures that are 100% legally binding, usable with employee contracts as well as deals with clients.

…and how about end customers?

“When we said we were introducing a new system, they groaned. But they have all been pleasantly surprised. They have fed back that it’s clear, they didn’t feel overwhelmed by information, they like the layout and can very quickly and easily find what they need.”

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A final word

Better Proposals is a useful tool for managing agreements and proposals at scale. It has allowed our business to seamlessly share proposals with consistent branding and standardised messaging.

The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, saving us countless hours compared with our previous processes. The platform has been well received by everyone across our business, as well as by our clients.

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Anthony Lee
Chief Marketing Officer

Supporting Education Group

Teaching Personnel

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