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How Thor Companies streamlined their document process with Better Proposals

Thor Companies may embody the efficient values of Scandinavia, but their outdated PDF documents certainly didn't. With Better Proposals, they were able to utilise beautiful designs that ‘wow’ customers, keep their brand on point and secure more business.


About Thor Companies

Thor Companies® is a specialist recruitment agency that focuses its efforts on sourcing the very best talent across the Engineering, Life Science and Technology industries.

With more than 100 staff in 6 offices around the globe, they combine the very best of British productivity and proactiveness with Scandinavian efficiency, in order to meet diverse talent needs and form collaborative relationships with their growing list of clients.


With a steadily growing prospect list and existing customers to retain, Thor Companies found their number of proposals and contract documents climbing rapidly. But in a world where customers increasingly require a low-hassle sign-off method that’s actionable on any device, their traditional document approach was quickly becoming problematic.

"It was painful to wait for a client's signature if they didn't have a printer and scanner," states Vilde Lien, Thor Business Development Manager

“We were creating documents in Microsoft Word, exporting them to PDF and emailing them out to clients one by one,” recalls Thor Business Development Manager, Vilde Lien.

This ‘old-school’ 3-step process is still a common problem for many businesses and creates issues around deliverability, errors with manual text entry, uninspiring design and a difficult sign-off process.

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In 2018 PDF proposals were 45% less likely to be signed. In 2021 this had risen to 88%!

Still using a PDF for your sales docs?

Think about switching today

Thor needed to find a new solution. Something that would be fast, intuitive, provide tracking and insight to empower their marketing team and be visually consistent with the contemporary design aesthetic of a new website they were developing.

Thankfully, they found Better Proposals.

The solution

Following a demo and some evaluation of the market, Thor signed up to Better Proposals and set about defining their content.

With Thor’s marketing team already busy on a website overhaul, they decided to use Better Proposal’s Custom Template Design service to save time and get the very best results for their brand.


“We use different templates for different purposes, with the overall aim being to secure more business for our company, so it was great to get help making some really good templates.”

Custom Templates allow customers to put their written content and brand guidelines into the hands of the Better Proposals design team, who will then craft beautiful custom templates, specific to the goals of the customer, which are then uploaded directly into the customer’s account, ready to use.

mobile template
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To combat errors faced during their previous document process, Thor implements Better Proposals ‘Approvals’ function to add a layer of oversight before documents go to recipients and utilised the Reporting dashboard to gain greater insight over staff performance and provide additional training materials.

Securing bigger deals, faster

It’s our philosophy to provide a consultative sales approach, tailored at every level. Book a demo today and see what Better Proposals can do for you.

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The results

Thor’s implementation of Better Proposals across their different recruitment departments, has led to a streamlining of their document processes, with less errors, better visuals, faster sign-off and greater insights.

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Visuals and speed

Better Proposals makes creating and working with content simple, with the average User spending under 7 minutes on the entire sending process, once their templates are in place. “I love the look. Time spent editing documents has been reduced, and it has a more professional feel. Our Clients like it a lot. It makes it easy for them to access the information, navigate the pages and review terms.” Vilde.

add content library section
add content library section

Going web-based

Better Proposals works directly in your web-browser and documents are updated in real-time, just like a website, and in addition to unlimited templates, each Account has a Content Library to save individual blocks and sections from a design, so that they can be slotted in and re-used, when needed.

“I particularly like the ability to easily tailor each proposal with saved items from the Content Library,” Vilde notes. “It's great that documents stay live until they’re signed. It means we can upload more information into the document as the sales process progresses, and the client can just use the same link. It’s everything in one place.”

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Approval oversight

Traditional documents leave a lot of room for error, but not with Better Proposals. “Approvals helped us ensure that everything that goes out is reviewed. Many small errors have been picked up this way.” comments Vilde. “It’s great to have a final check on commercials that go out and be able to share existing proposals internally to help inspire them.”

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Closing deals

Smart businesses understand that ‘the fortune is in the follow-up’ and with Better Proposals instant notifications and industry-leading analytics, Users are notified up to the second on Customer interactions.

“It's very helpful to be able to see when your proposals have been opened and how long a recipient has spent reading each part. It gives us an indication of engagement and allows us to put specific actions in place.”

That means more deals won, faster.

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A final word

“I would recommend Better Proposals to any business that is looking for a smart platform for sending proposals to their clients. It has been hugely useful and improved the content we share with our clients. ”

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Vilde Lien
Business Development Manager
Thor Companies

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