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Accept payments from your clients immediately after signing your proposal

PayPal and Better Proposals work together and allow you to get paid more, faster.

Here are just some of the benefits of using PayPal + Better Proposals together.

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What is Better Proposals?

Better Proposals is an online software tool which takes the pain out of writing proposals the old way of producing a PDF. Instead you send your client a beautiful web-based interactive proposal which they can sign online.

It’ll shave hours off your proposal writing time and increase your conversion rates significantly.

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What is PayPal?

PayPal is the most well known payment provider in the world. Accepted in nearly every country in the world, it’s become almost the default way for consumers to pay.

Accepting PayPal is seen as almost a way of letting your client know you’re a socially acceptable company. They’re the biggest payment provider in the world for a reason.

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See the PayPal Integration in action

Immediately after your client signs the proposal, they'll see a page that looks like this. Once they've paid, it'll go green and let them know the payment is successful.

That money is then in your PayPal. You can then release the funds.

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Paypal payment option on Better Proposals
PayPal payment made on Better Proposals

Just some of the features of our famously easy to use proposal editor

Automatic Formatting

Never worry about spacing again, default spacing and sizing mean you can just write.


Insert images full width, as part of your text or neatly wrapping around your text for variety.


Command more attention in your proposals by embedding video from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia.

Feature Blocks

Liven up your proposals by using coloured blocks with text to break up a page.

Pricing Tables

Simple pricing tables - just put in your products and pricing and everything else is calculated for you.


Want to customise your proposal further? The HTML code editor lets your creative juices run wild.

save icon


Never lose your work. Whenever you click away or are typing, your work is being saved in the background.

100% Customisable Templates

Use our templates, build your own or do a mix of both. Every template is 100% customisable.

Merge Tags

Pull in client specific information like the company name which reduces the chance of mistakes.


See how easy it is to create proposals in this short video

Our Proposal Editor

Zero learning, automatically designed, lightning fast.

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