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Proposal AI is a revolutionary new concept that looks at real live data in your industry and makes suggested changes to give you the highest conversion rate possible.

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How Proposal AI improves your conversion rate

Intelligent suggestions

The suggestions Proposal AI makes depends on what you need to improve. For instance, if the data suggests not giving your client options in your pricing and you don't then it won't bother you with this information.

If, however you've used 12 sections in your proposal and the optimum number to use is 8 then Proposal AI tell you to consider reducing the number of sections you've used.

Data from the best proposals in your industry

Proposal AI intelligently works out what industry your business is in based on a number of factors and will then tailor the results it gives you based on the highest converting proposals from other businesses in your industry.

For instance, you're a digital agency and Proposal AI is scanning for whether you should use Live Chat on your proposals. It could be that accountants are better off not using Live Chat but digital agencies are.

In this case, Proposal AI will recommend using it because you're a digital agency. It won't let the results of the accountants affect it's recommendation to you.

Updated in real-time

Proposal AI checks live data. If something was to change several minutes before you used it, you'd get a more up-to-date recommendation.

It means you can continue to think about your client and solving their problems instead of worrying about your proposal.

Get your proposals on the same level as the best in the world

It's like having someone analyse the best proposals in your industry and telling you exactly what to say, how long it should be, what should be included and what to leave out.

Better yet, not just a one-time piece of feedback - constant checks every time to ensure you're always sending the best proposals possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it detect my industry?

It initially guesses based on the templates you've added from the Template Marketplace but you can see this in Settings and override it if you feel it's not accurate.

Can I opt out?

Yes, of course. In Settings you can simply opt out of Proposal AI. It does mean you can't use it yourself but it's entirely optional about whether you participate in it or not.

Does it "read" my content and share it with my competitors?

No, absolutely not. There are only a few markers it checks for which are compared against others in your industry, others are simple best practices.

For instance, using "I", "we", "us" lots in your proposal introduction - we know it's important to talk about your client here not yourself so it'll give you a gentle reminder to consider replacing them with "you" and "your". That's as close as Proposal AI comes to "reading" your content and it's not shared with anyone else or used in any way except to suggest an improvement to you and you only.

I don't want my competiton copying my proposals

They can't. It won't show you what your competiton are doing and it won't show your competition what you are doing. It's aggregated data across millions of proposals so you're looking at incredibly broad averages here. Individually it's fairly useless information but put together it can give us all some best practices to follow.

What things will it tell me to fix on my proposals?

There are currently 11 main markers with potentially hundreds of variations on those markers depending on severity. Proposal AI will tell you about priority things to fix first. For instance, if you haven't whitelisted your domain, it will tell you about that almost every time. If you haven't set your custom domain up it'll nag you about that too because it's important BUT if looking at your industry data it doesn't seem to matter too much to conversion, it'll suggest something else instead that's a higher priority.

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