The 15-Minute Proposal

The complete guide for creatives and service businesses on how to write better proposals, faster.

What you will learn…

  • Why your proposal might be the most important asset your business has
  • How to address the fears your clients have that are too scared to ask
  • How to get more clients while maximising your price per job
  • What is the benefit lens and how does it make your proposals more relatable
  • Why you should never ever show examples of your best work
  • A little pricing section trick that will drive up your conversion rate
  • How we beat a veteran barrister in court using a little known feature of Better Proposals
  • The biggest mistake most businesses make when writing new proposals
  • How to work out the best time of day to send your next proposal
  • How tracking proposal opens won us a £12,000 job two years after being rejected
  • How to efficiently follow up without it looking like follow-up
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