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Creating proposals is now
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At Better Proposals we started out as software and app developers, so we feel pretty well placed to understand the needs of the quirky industry where nerds rule as kings. Using our platform will help you to win leads and manage client projects, alleviating stressful complications and freeing you up to focus on designing the solutions you're paid to create.

Here’s our tried and tested project process that helps everything to fall neatly into place:

Send an Online Brochure

Market your services to potential leads by sending smart online brochures and monitoring their progress via our powerful analytics.

Get the Proposal Signed and Deposit Paid

Once you have a firm lead, conduct your discovery meeting and send over a proposal. Collect the digital signature and take payment for the first stage of design.

Statement of Work

Send a detailed Statement of Work for sign off laying out the software’s proposed functions and features.

Design Signoff

Prepare the design signoff with screenshots, and get this approved quickly and easily via digital signature.

Final Signoff

Send final signoff detailing full functionality and going live for approval.

Start their Subscription Payment

Start a monthly rolling subscription for ongoing support payments once you've launched their software.

Get back to what you are paid for: Developing Software

If you are constantly finding yourself in irritating back and forths with clients instead of focusing on software design, draw a line under that all and give our 14 day free trial a spin. The simple Better Proposals process completely revolutionised our working practice with clients for the better, and we’d love to explore what it could do for you too.
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Over $120,000,000 of sales
won using Better Proposals

What are the benefits over using
Microsoft Word and InDesign?

Enough control to make it yours.
But not so much that you spend your entire day working on it.

Save Time Writing Proposals Save Hours Using intelligent templating and merge tags takes your proposal writing from hours to minutes. There's no formatting to do and the design takes care of itself.
Beautifully Designed Online Proposals Beautifully Designed The fonts are perfectly sized and spaced, images look perfect every time and your proposal will always look perfect on any device.
Impress your clients Impress Your Clients From the way that the email arrives, to the awesome full screen covers, high definition imagery and embedded videos, your clients will be left with no choice but to be impressed.
Close Deals Faster Close Deals Faster Using the built-in Digital Signature tool, your potential client can sign their name online to approve your proposal legally and securely.
Follow Up at the right time Follow Up at The Right Time The second your client opens your proposal you get an instant notification and you can track what they're reading live. You can see which pages they've read, in what order and for how long.
Organised Pipeline Organised Pipeline A structured sales process is the foundation of any successful business. Better Proposals shows you your pipeline, which stage each deal is at and who you need to follow up with next.
Our time to write proposals went down and our conversion rate went up. Win win all round if you ask me.
Jack Manley
Freestyle Web Design

Integrates with your favourite tools


Do live search from Better Proposals and pull in the contact details from your CRM


Allow your clients to pay you immediately after signing your proposal.

Live Chat

Put Live Chat on your proposals and answer their questions when they have them.


Your questions, answered

You don’t have a template for my industry, will your software still work? Absolutely! Most businesses use the template they've been using previously and simply copy it into Better Proposals or use one of the existing templates and adapt it to suit. If you're stuck completely on what to write, The 15-Minute Proposal book will make you a proposal writing superstar in 60-minutes or less.
Will your software be mentioned to my clients? No it won't. All our monthly paid plans give you the option to switch our badge off, or you can keep it on and earn commission. Here's a guide to how all the different pages, screens and emails look to your client when you send them a proposal from Better Proposals.
I’m not a designer, how will I make my proposal look nice? Easy! By default, everything looks nice. Because you don't have to worry about font spacing, colour matching or any of the details of design, you can just write and let the Automatic Designer handle everything. If you're stuck, contact Support and we'll give you some advice.
Will my proposals be secure and private? Absolutely. You log into Better Proposals through a secure 256bit SSL connection. Proposals aren't public and can only be viewed using the unique encrypted link that's created for each specific contact you send your proposals to.
Are the templates editable? Yes. Every template is 100% editable. Add, edit and delete sections to make it exactly how you want it. If you mess it up, just re-add it from the Marketplace again.
Do you offer custom plans? Our Enterprise plan offers unlimited proposal sending and additional users are $10/month. Additional training, template design and copywriting can all be arranged with any of our partners.
Do you need my credit card details to try it? Nope. Not until you decide to purchase a plan.
Can I change my plan later? Of course! Upgrade and downgrade as much as you like.
Have another question? Get in touch. Have a question we haven't answered here? Get in touch and we'll come back to you within 10 minutes during business hours.