Free WordPress Website Design Proposal Template

WordPress it the single most popular CMS out there and every day, thousands of clients need websites built on this platform. It’s no surprise that a lot of our own clients build websites on WordPress too. We’ve used some of their best proposal elements to create this template – which won over $155 million worth of new business in 2020. Now you can grab this cash-winning template and edit it to start getting some new WordPress clients today!

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What’s in this WordPress Website Design Proposal Template

A Stunning Cover

One of the first things your potential clients will see when they open your proposal is the cover image, so you should make it count. In this WordPress website design proposal template, you can choose your proposal cover from our library and sweep them off their feet immediately.

Alternatively, you can create your own cover image and upload it to the proposal. There’s no better way to show off your amazing design skills!

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A Dedicated Section for Services

Every client will want to know what’s included in their project and what type of work you do. The problem is, it can be daunting to list everything there is under the sun in your proposal. However, don’t worry.

This WordPress website design proposal has a pre-written services section. That means a list of the most commonly used WordPress design services, such as theme redesign, updating website content, installing and updating plugins, everything that you can think of.

The list of services is completely adaptable to your needs, so you can delete and add new elements to your liking and make the proposal completely yours. Every time you need to write a new proposal, just add or remove items from the services list.

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Process and Timescales

Just having the services listed in your proposal is not enough to hook the clients and get them to sign right away. In this section of the WordPress website design template, you can explain your processes and how you get to your results.

Additionally, there is a part that your clients are deeply interested in – timescales. You can show how long each part of the work is going to take and when the client can expect a finished WordPress website.

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A Case Study as Social Proof

What better way to convince a client that you can get the job done than showing an example of a client you worked with before? A case study is an essential social proof element of each WordPress website design template.

This proposal template has a section where you can showcase a previous client with their project details. The more similar it is to the client who’s reading the proposal, the higher the chances of conversion.

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The Pricing Section

The number one thing going through the client’s mind at this point is – how much is this going to cost me? This is a crucial section of each WordPress design business proposal, so you need to get it right.

In this section of the proposal template, you can easily create your own pricing for a specific WordPress project. It’s as simple as entering a few numbers in a pricing table. Alternatively, it also functions with hourly wages, selling services by a piece and many other methods. If you want to add some upsells, you can do that too.

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The Next Steps

By this point, your client is all warmed up and ready to sign the proposal and waiting for you to get started with work. This is the part where most people writing proposals go wrong, because they don’t provide any instructions on what the clients should do next.

This proposal section gives clear instructions on what the client should do and it lets them sign directly from the proposal, so they don’t have to leave the document at any time.

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A Contract so You Don't Have to Write One

Before any work gets started on their WordPress website, the client wants to know that they can trust you. Instead of just taking your word for it, they can read a contract, which comes as a separate section in your WordPress website design template. While this is by no means a replacement for a contract done by lawyer, it’s a great place to get started.

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Get Paid Straight from the Proposal

So far, your client has had a beautiful experience with your proposal, so why force them to go somewhere else to pay for your services? Using our platform, you can give clients an option to pay directly from the proposal through integrations with Stripe, PayPal and GoCardless.

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