Our time to write proposals went down and our conversion rate went up. Win win all round if you ask me.
Jack Manley
Freestyle Web Design
Better Proposals is one of my favorite tools in my belt!! It's turned a whole process that was time consuming and clumsy, into a streamlined, singular step. I love it!
Ashley Ball
"Jigowatt have used Better Proposals for almost a year. We find the flexibility of templates, ease of use and professional image it portrays for us an essential part of our marketing toolkit". Web Design Andy Donovan
Better Proposals saves us at least 1-2 hours each time when writing proposals. With remote sales people, it’s an invaluable tool to maintain the quality of our proposals, monitor our pipeline and we have no doubt won more business because of it Digital Marketing Mark Brown
“I was not sure if this would work for us but we now know 100% that our proposal are being received and we can communicate with customers accordingly. This has definitely helped us increase our conversion percentage...THANKS!” Digital Marketing Susan
Better Proposals has completely elevated the way I do business. The customized layout not only looks slick, but allows me to share links and samples, which means more value for the potential client. Now that my template is set up, the time savings is ridiculous. What took me 2 hours to prepare before, now only takes a few minutes and carries much more WOW factor. I have to purposely delay sending the proposals after a sales call just so the sheer speed of the process doesn't look questionable on the other end! Just yesterday, a new client commented that they were "blown away" by the look of the proposal and signed shortly after receiving it. Thank you, Better Proposals! Best investment I've made for my business brand image and efficiencies.
Nikki Takahashi
Fetching Finn
We've used the likes of Quoteroller and NiftyQuoter and I can honestly say we have found Better Proposals to be the best.
Josh Strawczynski
J Marketing
Better Proposals enhances and supports my company's brand and professionalism. Great product.
Resume Career Services
"Better Proposals is a fantastic service and offers great support. I can now send professional, engaging and business winning proposals in no time. Its great to be able to track what is happening with your proposal. No more guessing. Its a lifesaver! Thanks guys and girls" Digital Marketing Brian Kelly
"After looking around at different proposal template solutions I decided to go with Better Proposals as their templates not only resonated with me and my clients, right out of the box they worked. There was little or no tweaking. I tried the free trial and instantly fell in love with it. Now I have signed up for the paid version I couldn't be happier, and neither could my clients as I won a new client using Better Proposals in the first week. If your looking for something that's simple to use but highly effective sign up and join us making Better Proposals." Digital Marketing Keith McMean
"The reaction from our customers has been very positive, many even asking where they can buy it. It saves us time and being a digital company allows us to present our products in a colourful, professional way. The ability to customise pages and integrate any media is truly putting us at the forefront of our game." LED Solutions Neil Longuet-Higgins
Better proposals has made proposals so much more efficient, and they look amazing! Clients are always impressed with our proposals.
Vauthier Ferguson
It's helped me win more business, my conversions have increased and it's helped my business make a lot more money.
Tim Coe
Marketing Consultant
I've been using this platform for the past month and found it to be more efficient and organized than my proposal management previous system. I've had a couple of clients mention the ease of use and look/feel of it as well.
Mynd Matters
"Have to say the feedback we have had from potential clients on the the look and feel of our proposals has been amazing ;) Easy to use, great support and professional looking! What more could you ask for?" Consultant Rob Johnson
"We love using Better Proposals. Our proposals are even more professional looking and we love being able to brand them in multiple ways. Better Proposals look great on all devices and most importantly, they are extremely user friendly. Even our less tech-savvy clientele can sign these proposals. Our conversion rate so far this year is close to 100%! We highly recommend!" Consultant Simone Leo
"Better Proposals helps me create professional looking proposals when otherwise, I would have been stuck using Microsoft Word. Support is mega fast and saves me so much time!" Consultant Jane Cotillard
Better Proposals has shortened my sales cycle by more than 10%, and impressed clients with beautifully created templates.
Engage Rocks
On average I probably spend around 20 minutes creating a proposal now, as opposed to 2 hours before.
James, Amanda and Rob
Video Producers and Photographers
I had a problem. My proposal template works great but needs me to complete it, polish it, send it, track it and then run through the follow up sequence.

Finding Better Proposals has solved all of these problems and then added some features to make the experience even better. Like the ability to add my own template, edit and modify it, add new templates from their library, great for learning new things and then sending, tracking and now taking deposits.

I can now outsource the task of writing proposals. Its a huge time saver and peace of mind.
Peter Wennersten
Icon Innovations
“I think the best feature is the notification email that you get sent, when the client has opened the proposal. I also love the feedback I get from the clients, asking me how I designed such an amazing proposal. Web Design Cheryl Laidlaw
"Client feedback from our proposals has been incredible. The tracking enables us follow up at the right time helping us win more business." Video Production Simon Banks
"I find preparing proposals really easy to do now. When sending them, it appears far more credible which improves our perception as a business" Corporate Events James Coakes
Better proposals has been incredible! My proposals take a fraction of the time to make, they're always improving and I'm watching my leads close at higher rates. Definitely the best proposal software available!
Erick Racedo
Nashville Web Design
“Our contracts are now as good as our website and branding. The better layouts have really improved our customers UX experience and we are retaining more margin” Web Design Aaron
"I love better proposals for the ability to manage and track my proposals, as well as the first class service. Highly recommended!" Video Production Tony Dowling
"We stumbled upon Better Proposals by accident and once we saw all that it was capable of, we made the switch and haven't looked back since. It's powerful, great looking, and their support is second to none, so do yourself and your business a favor and try Better Proposals." Corporate Events Andrew
Love the way 'Better Proposals' displays to the prospect/client, very sexy. Have to say, am also super impressed with the responsiveness of the Better Proposal Team with software enhancements and ideas inputs we've had. The feedback from my clients has been great too, reckon my 100% conversion is partly due to the display awesomeness of this software (plus our own awesomeness) :) I'll be a client for a long time to come.
Smarter Websites
“I am a professional wedding photographer and Better Proposals helped me tremendously in my sales process. Being able to track what people are looking at and for how long is a huge plus when it comes to following up with them. I can definitely recommend it to everybody!” Web Design Tom Schuller
"Better Proposals has changed the way I do business. My clients are consistently impressed by how professional my proposals are and it has helped me to gain valuable time to work on my business." Video Production Andrew Eastman
"Better Proposals is truly a game changer in respect to creating, preparing and presenting proposals to our potential clients. Time and time again we praised on how our proposals stand above the rest. Our average number of signed proposals have tremendously increased and we can say without a doubt a good portion of that is due to our Better Proposals we send out." Corporate Events Sam Newman
Better Proposals has changed the way I do business and taken my business from appearing okay to potential clients, to a complete professional look that stuns at first sight. Not only does it look good, it's incredible practical, easy to navigate for us and our clients, and looks just as awesome on mobile as it does on a desktop. I'm so glad I have Better Proposals as part of my arsenal for closing deals. I know it makes a huge difference. Thank you so much!
Graham Myles
Intell Marketing
“Betterproposals is making created proposals a blast. It's powerful to track opens, so you can follow up at the right time with prospects to greatly increase your closerate.” Web Design Arnoud Visser
"I was so close to paying top dollar for a proposal app when I found Better Proposals. As a designer who’s made hundreds of proposals in my life, Better Proposals kicks ass. It’s saving me stupid amounts of time and just works. I like it so much I sent this review in of my own accord to help others-just get it." Video Production Roderic
"Sending out proposals was never pain-free, fun, or easy until Better Proposals" Corporate Events Aymeric
Better Proposals is great. Dynamic, trackable proposals with media integration. It beats my old proposal system, hands down.
Neil Carroll
Nickel City Graphics
“We made the switch to Better Proposals and I am so glad we did. The app is easy to use, well designed and the support is great. I no longer procrastinate when writing proposals.” Web Design Rob Macdonald
"BP has helped us streamline our onboarding process and increase our conversion rate. Before, we had a program for proposal writing, a separate one for contract signing, and the whole process was confusing and disjointed - since using BP, everything is done in one place and is much simpler to use. We'd recommend this to anyone who is looking to simplify their proposal workflow" Video Production Chris
"We migrated from another proposal platform to Better Proposals. The proposal visual layout impressed us ...but even more impressive has been the uplift in conversion, we're 15% up from our previous platform so it's all smiles from us!" Corporate Events Nick Fenmore-Collins
When you are small business having good processes in place is super important. Using better proposal has enabled us to get better at our proposal writing and keep us on track with our selling process. Our clients have loved how they can view the proposal online without having to download and print PDF documents.
James Hayward
Little Nomads
“It is faster for me to write my proposals, easier for my clients to view them, and best of all I know when they are opened, what has been read, and when they are signed. Loving Better Proposals” Web Design Chris Adams
"For years, I’d been doing proposals the hard way – in Word and then to PDF. Every now and then in frustration, I’d sign up to test out a proposal system, but rejected them as for me personally, they were frustrating to use and 'clunky' in their design. I really wanted some of the tracking options, but I just couldn’t live with the editing and creation of proposals. Then, I heard about Better Proposals through one of my web design groups (their praises were being sung loudly). I tried out the free option and what really sold me was how good looking the proposal looked online, the tracking system is awesome, and it’s always exciting to get that email saying the proposal has been signed. I had a few questions / requests and have been amazed at how responsive the team at Better Proposals have been – especially Adam – I suspect he doesn’t sleep! Sure enough, my suggestions were already in the pipeline and rolled out within weeks of me signing up. I’ve been extremely happy with the whole system, and feel confident that it will just get better." Video Production Michelle
"Better Proposals is hands down the best purchase I have made in a very long time.. ! It looks professional, it's easy to use & saves so much time! It's a game changer for me - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it!" Corporate Events Dave Cocking
First time I used BP was a 20K win ! And I have had all my proposals accepted ever since. This app is a game changer for my business: it's easy to use, delivers beautiful and professional documents and have all the features I need!
Nathalie Materne
Design My Web
“Closed 6 deals totaling $61,000 in revenue the first month using Better Proposals! No chasing signatures. No wondering whether it was received, read, or signed. Super simple. Super effective. Thanks Better Proposals!” Web Design Michael Robert Moore
"Better Proposals makes the process of going from cold call to closed deal seamless. One of my clients remarked to me the other day that he was actually surprised that I was able to get him to sign a contract so quickly - and he attributed it to how easy my tools were to use! Once you get on board with this service you'll never go back to static PDFs!" Video Production James York
"I've never sent out so many proposals! I was hooked after the first one. And it's changed the way we do things. Every recipient is impressed. We're positioned as an expert in an instant. It's brilliant. They're halfway sold before they even start reading! Plus our response rate has improved due to realtime alerts, so we're closing deals better than ever." Corporate Events Mark Hare
I sign more contracts, in less time with Better Proposals. The past month has seen $10k+ of work go past my desk, all of which has been approved through contracts made on Better Proposals. My clients love the format, and it saves me about 40 minutes for each proposal... a win-win for all involved.
James Steadman
JC Steadman Marketing
“Using Better Proposals has completely transformed the way we do business! Our proposals look stunning, are easy to read and we can deliver them MUCH faster than before. We've recently won several new Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction contracts and our conversions are up. We contribute that to the professional design of the proposals and the speed we can deliver them. We highly recommend Better Proposals.” Web Design Jen Wells
"The data and insights I get from my proposals now has helped a great deal in making my proposals better, as well as how and when I interact with leads that are viewing their proposals." Video Production Marc Goodwin
"Since we have incorporated Better Proposals, we have reduced the creation time of each proposal by 700%, and increased the response rate by 200%." Corporate Events Juan
We have used an online proposal tool for years, and thought we would never switch. Then we found Better Proposals. The interface is simple and logical, the proposals look beautiful and extremely professional and the reporting tool keeps me on track.
Lorraine Ball
“Being a web design agency, we wanted to provide our clients proposals which were easy to read and sign online, rather than a bloated old PDF. Better Proposals fitted that bill and the integration with our website is just what we wanted. Now our customers can quickly read each contract and sign without printing, scanning and returning. We highly recommend this solution.” Web Design Lawrence Tilley
"I decided to take the plunge because I'd burn 2-3 hours writing up a web design proposal in Google Drive or Word (and that's when starting from an older proposal), not to mention leave the door open for embarrassing, unprofessional mistakes. I'm able to cut down on both issues with my custom templates and merge tags, and I've whitelabelled my domain for emailing and viewing the proposals. Oh, and you integrate with my CRM, Salesflare!" Video Production Justin Ponce
"Better Proposals has made my bidding process stand out. When a customer is choosing between someone sending over a word doc, and my proposal, it's a no-brainer. Not only can I track all my bids more efficiently, but my conversion rate has gone up tremendously." Corporate Events Kyle Van-Deusen

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